Tuesday, July 24, 2012

R. Kelly Sucks

I really don't think Jamaica needs R. Kelly.

The first time he came here, he dropped his pants on stage. Big disrespect or should I say, no big thing!

Then last year he should have come for I think it was Jazz Festival and he dropped out at the last minute. But guess what? Coco Tea substituted for him and did a fantastic job, much better crowd response than Kelly would have received.

Don't get me wrong. I think he is extremely talented but seems to have too many issues.

I wanted to see Shabba at Sumfest (who I hear brought down the house) more than him, but unfortunately, I could not get there Friday night so had to settle for Saturday night when Kelly was the head- liner.

Well to begin with, he was almost an hour late and did not even bother to apologise, instead saying he was a bit tipsy as he had been on the beach drinking. Very irresponsible and disrespectful. Then his 45 minute performance was no big thing, only a few of his many hits near the end.

On the other hand, Juniour Gong, Christopher Martin and Protege were excellent all the way and so was a new upcoming artist called Concious.

I am not at all chauvinistic so I don't mind listening to  and watching foreign artists at these events but I think we have had enough of R. Kelly.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

THAT GAY RODEO...(Bun fya Sizzla!)

I love gay men for I  generally find them to be the nicest, kindest and most considerate men around and most importantly they tend yo be great cooks.

I am talking about real gay men though, not the ACDC's who jump from pillar to post and have brought aids into female circles. Those I have no use for.

So when I heard they were having a gay rodeo at Jefferson fairgrounds in Colorado, you know who had to go.  (Evangelical christians, eat your hearts out!)

 I expected to see a lot of this, but didn't!!

Actually I have never seen a real rodeo, so even if it was not promoted as one being put on by the gay rodeo association, I would probably have gone, since it was just at Golden, only about 15 miles out of town.

Of course I had expected to see the men exotically decked out,  most likely in women outfit. Well I was disappointed, for apart from two who I saw dressed as women and the one above,  all others were in cowboy outfits. And while it was promoted as a gay event, the vast majority of people I saw there were male gay couples, about 95%, with only a small number of lesbian couples. My daughter thought we could pass as a lesbian couple with me being the sugar momma and she the boopsie. lol. (We did see one or two who appeared to be such!)

The odd couples there were of course the heterosexual ones and they were only a few and an even smaller number of families.

When Michele asked one of the attendants if it was ok to leave her daughter's stroller at the bottom of the stairs, he laughed and said it was safe as gay couples don't have children. (He seems to forget that some do adopt kids.)

Looking around at the couples there destroyed some of my myths, for I always thought that one of the male partners would always look effeminate, but I saw a profusion of male couples where they both looked like he men (an absolute waste) but that really got my imagination running to hell.

There were not too many black people there (Colorado is only 4% black anyway) and of the 42 members of the organising committee who were introduced, only one was a blak man and he actually did some riding in the precision event.  However, I saw a black man with locks coming in with his white partner and wondered what Sizzla would have sung ( or DJ'd ) if he saw that. lol.

I was curious as to why they were having a gay rodeo instead of the gay people entering the regular rodeo and although I asked three persons who appeared to be part of the organisation, none could give me an answer. (I subsequently learnt that at a regular rodeo, one is required to stay on the raging bull for a minimum of 8 minutes. Obviously from what I saw, these men would not qualify hence they started their own!) Anyway, this was the 30th time the gay rodeo association was holding and event and this time they were joined by persons from the Canadian and Mexican associations.

 I found it all curious since if it was not promoted as a gay event, no one would have known, for they operated like all the other rodeos I have seen on television. I guess I had expected them to at least be in wigs and dresses, riding a kicking bull, but no such luck. The only difference I saw was that none stayed on very long on the raging bull...no more that about 2 seconds at the most. 

 Who am I  to judge anyway,  since my experience with rodeos s watching Chuck Connors in Walker Texas Ranger and you know, since it's television,  he stays on the back of the raging bull forever!

It was quite a pleasant and interesting day although I did take umbrage to the fact that because I had no identification, I was told I could not visit the bar tent. I would have been on top of the world if the age requirement was 50 and over, but because it was 21, I thought it totally ridiculous. I can only assume that they must have concluded that we were not gay and did not want us to go into the liquor tent after the show to observe their shenanigans while under the influence !

Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Berka for Me.

Every now and then when I listen or read the news, I say to myself, thank God I was born in Jamaica.

This is in reaction to hearing about the trials and tribulations some women have to live with because of culture, religion etc.  However, rarely do I reflect on how men feel about some situations, but then,  why should I, after all, I ain't no man!

Anyway the other day I was at the pool with my daughter and granddaughter when Michele pointed out a family in the pool to me.

There were two small kids who meshed in beautifully with every one else, but guess what, not only did the mom have on a Berka, but she was fully clad to from head to foot...... long sleeves and all.

Well I have often seen Arab women on the streets dressed like that but had never considered that they had to go into swimming pools fully clad.

I also learnt that not only cant they expose flesh, but no hair either, so the Berka was tied at the back around the hair so then even when she went underwater, no hair showed. She looked quite happy while there I was  feeling sorry for her. I guess when you are born in a culture and live that way all my your life, it just comes naturally.

That's when I started to think like man at home in Jamaica,  for many men there, go to the beach and pools just to feast their eyes on flesh. 

We laughed as we discussed what Jamaican men would do if a similar dress code applied to women at home.

But it couldn't really because for Jamaican women it would be death before dishonour!

Actually, recently I read where a woman, somewhere in Canada, went to court to go topless, because no one bothers men when they do  that, so she claimed discrimination.

Actually, when I reincarnate, if that is not the law in the place where I am born, I will be going to court  too, to file a similar suit!

You see I already have many plans for my next life all sorted out. lol.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Lovely Reunion

I dont think aunt Bell will ever forget her 85th birthday on Wednesday 4th July 2012.

Some time ago, talking to my daughter Michele, we decided we were going to stop only seeing family when they got sick or in the coffin. So we would start with aunt Bell in Canada, who was our oldest living relative on my side.

I actually thought she would be 90 years old in 2012 since my late mother would have been 100 this year and I could have sworn aunt Bell was 10 year her juniour .
Anyway, she disabused me quickly.

The plan was for me to travel up to Ontario from Jamaica and Michele and family from Denver and  we would all surprise her for her birthday. One problem was that aunt Bell never stays home as Canada is very old people friendly and for the same price, the bus company sends special vehicles for the elderly. So we had to figure out how to find her at home on her birthday.

Knowing how she just loves mangoes, I called her from Jamaica to say a friend was coming to Canada and I would be sending mangoes for her birthday  I wanted to know when she would be at home on the 4th. She asked me the name of the friend and we arranged for 11am.

On the 4th we got Donnie to call her to tell her he had brought up the mangoes and would be coming over. He arranged to meet at her independent living retirement home at 12 noon.

When we arrived we saw her on the patio waiting but we were about 15 minutes late. While Michele and Devin got out the baby, I went ahead to surprise her but by then she had gone back upstairs.
Madelyn at Red Lobster
Luckily there was another old lady in the lobby and she let me in through the security door and I called aunt Bell's apartment...twice, only voice mail. Apparently she got in just after I left a message saying I was downstairs and not expecting me, she did not even recognise my voice.

 When she got out of the elevator downstairs you could see the absolute shock on her face when she saw me and although she speaks to Madelyn daily, she never met either her or her daddy Devin. So she thought the other people in the lobby were visitors to other residents until Michele greeted her.

 He surprise was overwhelming and I told her that she should pinch herself as we were really there and she was not dreaming.

 When we went upstairs, we discovered that our chatty mouth family, Michelle, my daughter in law  and Bernie, my brother, nearly gave away the surprise. for Michelle had called her to wish her happy birthday in the morning and asked her if we were there yet and Bernie had also called and asked if she had gotten the mangoes yet!

Anyway as she had no idea we were coming, she did not connect the dots and was really overwhelmed to see us.

We then asked her where she wanted to go to lunch and she said Red Lobster. At the restaurant, when they heard it was her birthday, they brought her ice cream with one single candle in it and staff and manager sang happy birthday.

Coincidentally, the manager is from Barbados and we had a long chat. He is also Rhianna's cousin and says she has gotten very snotty since she has become famous and just the week before, another cousin got married and she sent a text message and did not attend. Anyway, he said,  her mom was there he said and apologized for her.
Aunt Bell at Red Lobster
It was a wonderful day all around and one aunt Bell will never forget as long as she lives....and I hope she lives for many many more years.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Niagara Falls.....Again

Although this was my fourth visit to Niagara Falls, Canada, I did not remember it being so absolutely fabulous. Well actually my third visit was to the American side which is far smaller and the park not half as fabulous.

Terrible thing about that trip is that it was before I got a digital camera. I had taken my grandson Shadrach there from Manhattan and would you believe the roll of film I bought there was old so not one picture came out!!!!! I could have had a heart attack.

The first time I went there I was only 14 years old and had gone on vacation with my parents and really don't remember that much about it. The second time was  when I used to live in Canada , many many years ago and again I dont remember much about that trip.

Anyway this time it was with my other gran, Madelyn. She is just one year old and had come over with her parentsas we are all going to surprise Aunt Bell, my last surviving aunt who is 85 years old today 4th July.
It was her dad, Devin's idea that we go to Niagara Falls as he had never been there and it was a great idea. So along with Donna and her kids , we headed out and it was only about an hour and half drive from where we were staying with Diana.

Incidentally, Diana has one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen outside of a publicly funded botanical garden. She is quite a workaholic,  not only putting in many hours  gardening but also personally doing major construction work on her home and the results are fabulous.

It was really great hanging out with my favourite granddaughter  and the rest of the family and as I said before, Niagara falls is really fabulous...... really one of the great wonders of the world.

As we had the kids, we never got to go on the Maid of the Mist boat behind the falls this trip but  Shadrach and I had done it the last time. However we did go down 135 feet under the falls and view them all from behind and it was absolutely awesome as the force and quantity of water that you see up close is really beyond imagination.

The kids had a wonderful time not only running up and down but eating and going through all the toys in te3h shops. And we grown up also had a great time.

Niagara falls is worth a visit every time.

For more photographs see;http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151081258576823.489965.763366822&type=1